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Call Date Call Time Incident # Address Incident
10/20/20174:44 AM2017-00045287901 VIRGINIA AVE Lot Check
10/20/20174:33 AM2017-000452861612 ROLLINS ST Lot Check
10/20/20174:15 AM2017-000452851111 ROLLINS ST Foot Patrol
10/20/20173:09 AM2017-00045284909 HITT ST Foot Patrol
10/20/20173:05 AM2017-00045283909 HITT ST Foot Patrol
10/20/20173:01 AM2017-00045282ROLL/VIR Traffic Stop
10/20/20173:01 AM2017-00045281ROLLINS ST Traffic Stop
10/20/20172:59 AM2017-00045280419 S 5TH ST Check Subject
10/20/20172:51 AM2017-00045279909 HITT ST Foot Patrol
10/20/20172:42 AM2017-000452781501 CAPEN PARK DR Community Oriented Policing
10/20/20172:40 AM2017-000452771300 ROCK QUARRY RD Check Area
10/20/20172:28 AM2017-00045275rollins Monitoring Traffic
10/20/20172:28 AM2017-00045276700 CONLEY AVE Recovered Property
10/20/20172:25 AM2017-000452742001 S PROVIDENCE RD Check Area
10/20/20172:17 AM2017-00045273Check Vehicle
10/20/20172:15 AM2017-00045272HITT/ROLL Traffic Stop
10/20/20172:13 AM2017-000452711104 S PROVIDENCE RD Lot Check
10/20/20172:02 AM2017-00045270515 S 5TH ST Medical Emegency
10/20/20172:02 AM2017-00045269ROLLINS ST Monitoring Traffic
10/20/20171:52 AM2017-00045268740 Traffic Stop
10/20/20171:51 AM2017-00045267STAD/RESEARCH PARK DR Check Vehicle
10/20/20171:45 AM2017-00045266S PROVIDENCE RD Traffic Stop
10/20/20171:44 AM2017-00045265STAD/CARRIE Traffic Stop
10/20/20171:32 AM2017-00045263wg9 Assist Other Agency
10/20/20171:30 AM2017-00045264S 9TH ST Check Subject
10/20/20171:24 AM2017-00045262763 Traffic Stop
10/20/20171:17 AM2017-00045261LOCUST ST Check Subject
10/20/20171:13 AM2017-00045260E STADIUM BLVD Traffic Stop
10/20/20171:05 AM2017-00045259LOCUST ST Traffic Stop
10/20/20171:03 AM2017-00045258E STADIUM BLVD Traffic Stop

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