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Call Date Call Time Incident # Address Incident
2/21/20181:13 PM2018-00007800Motor vehicle accident
2/21/201812:31 PM2018-00007799CAMPUS Foot Patrol
2/21/201812:10 PM2018-00007798901 VIRGINIA AVE Follow up investigation
2/21/201811:49 AM2018-000077971115 UNIVERSITY AVE Lot Check
2/21/201811:40 AM2018-000077961720 ROLLINS ST Check Area
2/21/201811:38 AM2018-00007795LIDR Check Area
2/21/201811:32 AM2018-000077931133 ASHLAND RD Check Area
2/21/201811:32 AM2018-00007794315 BUSINESS 70 LOOP WHarassment
2/21/201811:25 AM2018-000077921400 ROCK QUARRY RD Check Area
2/21/201810:52 AM2018-00007791901 ROLLINS ST Community Oriented Policing
2/21/201810:49 AM2018-00007790MOI Assist Citizen/Motorist
2/21/201810:47 AM2018-00007789203 HITT ST Lot Check
2/21/201810:44 AM2018-00007788HITT Monitoring Traffic
2/21/201810:40 AM2018-00007787401 S 6TH ST Lot Check
2/21/201810:40 AM2018-00007786909 HITT ST Foot Patrol
2/21/201810:39 AM2018-00007785416 S 5TH ST Lot Check
2/21/201810:34 AM2018-000077841612 ROLLINS ST Lot Check
2/21/201810:33 AM2018-000077831720 ROLLINS ST Check Area
2/21/201810:28 AM2018-00007782801 CONLEY AVE Foot Patrol
2/21/201810:21 AM2018-00007781551 SOUTHAMPTON DR Check Area
2/21/201810:05 AM2018-00007780MISSOURI Crosswalk Enforcement
2/21/201810:02 AM2018-00007779Check Area
2/21/20189:59 AM2018-000077782003 S PROVIDENCE RD Check Area
2/21/20189:49 AM2018-000077771202 ROLLINS ST Follow up investigation
2/21/20189:31 AM2018-000077761004 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
2/21/20189:18 AM2018-000077751115 UNIVERSITY AVE Lot Check
2/21/20189:13 AM2018-00007774515 S 5TH ST Contact Subject
2/21/20189:06 AM2018-00007773901 S COLLEGE AVE Lot Check
2/21/20189:00 AM2018-00007772614 HITT ST Lot Check
2/21/20188:54 AM2018-000077718th street circle Check Area

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901 Virginia Avenue, Columbia MO 65211
(573) 882-7201