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Call Date Call Time Incident # Address Incident
6/28/20177:52 AM2017-00026721614 HITT ST Lot Check
6/28/20177:41 AM2017-000267201115 UNIVERSITY AVE Lot Check
6/28/20177:40 AM2017-00026719901 VIRGINIA AVE Follow up investigation
6/28/20177:27 AM2017-000267181000 ELM ST Lot Check
6/28/20176:37 AM2017-00026717Lot Check
6/28/20176:29 AM2017-00026716916 E STADIUM BLVD Check Area
6/28/20176:02 AM2017-00026715HITT ST Monitoring Traffic
6/28/20175:49 AM2017-00026713650 E STADIUM BLVD Lot Check
6/28/20175:48 AM2017-00026712Lot Check
6/28/20175:37 AM2017-00026711GREEK TOWN Check Area
6/28/20175:22 AM2017-000267101026 ASHLAND RD Lot Check
6/28/20175:21 AM2017-00026709residentail construction parking Check Area
6/28/20174:22 AM2017-00026708901 S COLLEGE AVE Lot Check
6/28/20172:34 AMLIFE SCIENCE BUILDING Police/Security Citizen Escort
6/28/20172:32 AM2017-000267071700 RECREATION DR Check Area
6/28/20172:28 AM2017-000267061600 RESEARCH PARK DR Lot Check
6/28/20172:21 AM2017-000267051612 ROLLINS ST Lot Check
6/28/20172:05 AM2017-000267041009 MARYLAND AVE Flag Down of officer by citizen
6/28/20171:26 AM2017-00026703S 6TH ST Traffic Stop
6/28/20171:14 AM2017-00026702PROV/HINKSON CREEK Traffic Stop
6/28/20171:01 AM2017-00026701MONK DR Traffic Stop
6/28/201712:58 AM2017-00026700E STADIUM BLVD Traffic Stop
6/28/201712:54 AM2017-00026699ASHLAND RD Traffic Stop
6/28/201712:40 AM2017-00026697505 S 9TH ST Check Vehicle
6/28/201712:39 AM2017-000266981114 UNIVERSITY AVE 911 hangup call
6/28/201712:10 AM2017-00026696TIGER/STADIUM BLVD Traffic Stop
6/28/201712:05 AM2017-000266951300 ROCK QUARRY RD Foot Patrol
6/27/201711:53 PM2017-00026694HOSP/TIGER Traffic Stop
6/27/201711:52 PM2017-00026693CAMPUS Foot Patrol
6/27/201711:27 PM2017-00026692901 S COLLEGE AVE Lot Check

University of Missouri - Columbia Police Department
901 Virginia Avenue, Columbia MO 65211
(573) 882-7201