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Call Date Call Time Incident # Address Incident
7/24/20176:28 PM2017-000309233 HOSPITAL DR 911 hangup call
7/24/20175:45 PM2017-00030922515 S 5TH ST Police Alarm
7/24/20175:18 PM2017-00030921299 S 8TH ST Check Area
7/24/20175:04 PM2017-000309191133 ASHLAND RD Check Area
7/24/20175:01 PM2017-000309201 HOSPITAL DR Recovered Property
7/24/20174:58 PM2017-000309181026 ASHLAND RD Check Area
7/24/20174:57 PM2017-000309171002 E CAMPUS DR Check Area
7/24/20174:56 PM2017-000309161512 ROLLINS ST Check Area
7/24/20174:53 PM2017-000309151612 ROLLINS ST Check Area
7/24/20174:48 PM2017-00030914HOSPITAL/COLLEGE Traffic Stop
7/24/20174:33 PM2017-00030913Schurz Circle Drive Traffic Stop
7/24/20174:22 PM2017-00030912650 E STADIUM BLVD Check Area
7/24/20174:14 PM2017-00030910900 E STADIUM BLVD Check Area
7/24/20174:06 PM2017-00030909Check Area
7/24/20173:59 PM2017-00030908901 VIRGINIA AVE Lot Check
7/24/20173:47 PM2017-00030907901 VIRGINIA AVE Follow up investigation
7/24/20173:44 PM2017-00030911901 ROLLINS ST Contact Subject
7/24/20173:25 PM2017-00030906551 SOUTHAMPTON DR 911 hangup call
7/24/20173:11 PM2017-000309051004 MARYLAND AVE Motor vehicle accident
7/24/20171:58 PM2017-000309041100 S PROVIDENCE RD Foot Patrol
7/24/20171:53 PM2017-00030903Lot Check
7/24/20171:46 PM2017-00030902901 VIRGINIA AVE Traffic Stop
7/24/20171:25 PM2017-000309011 HOSPITAL DR Contact Subject
7/24/20171:20 PM2017-00030900Lot Check
7/24/20171:12 PM2017-00030899408 HITT ST Lot Check
7/24/20171:01 PM2017-00030897703 HITT ST Lot Check
7/24/201712:59 PM2017-00030896HITT ST Crosswalk Enforcement
7/24/201712:55 PM2017-00030895PAQUIN/COLLEGE Traffic Stop
7/24/201712:54 PM2017-00030894504 S 9TH ST Lot Check
7/24/201712:49 PM2017-00030893E STADIUM BLVD Traffic Stop

University of Missouri - Columbia Police Department
901 Virginia Avenue, Columbia MO 65211
(573) 882-7201