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Call Date Call Time Incident # Address Incident
6/22/20185:57 PM2018-00026363S 6TH ST Assist Other Agency
6/22/20185:46 PM2018-00026362507 S 9TH ST Foot Patrol
6/22/20185:30 PM2018-00026360PATIENT VISITOR GARAGE Vandalism
6/22/20185:23 PM2018-00026359UNIVERSITY AVE Traffic Stop
6/22/20185:21 PM2018-000263581600 RESEARCH PARK DR Check Area
6/22/20185:17 PM2018-00026357507 S 9TH ST Foot Patrol
6/22/20185:11 PM2018-00026356614 HITT ST Check Area
6/22/20185:10 PM2018-00026355S 9TH ST Traffic Stop
6/22/20185:02 PM2018-00026354302 S 5TH ST Lot Check
6/22/20185:01 PM2018-000263539th and university Monitoring Traffic
6/22/20184:56 PM2018-00026352504 S 9TH ST Lot Check
6/22/20184:50 PM2018-00026351College Monitoring Traffic
6/22/20184:49 PM2018-00026350299 S 8TH ST Check Area
6/22/20184:46 PM2018-00026349614 HITT ST Lot Check
6/22/20184:37 PM2018-00026348505 S 9TH ST Lot Check
6/22/20184:29 PM2018-00026347702 WILKES BLVD Follow up investigation
6/22/20184:08 PM2018-000263461000 ELM ST emergency phone-no response from caller
6/22/20182:32 PM2018-000263451501 CAPEN PARK DR Foot Patrol
6/22/20182:11 PM2018-00026344 Animal Complaint
6/22/20182:10 PM2018-000263431900 S PROVIDENCE RD Check Area
6/22/20181:54 PM2018-00026342901 ROLLINS ST Foot Patrol
6/22/201812:41 PM2018-00026341LOCUST ST Traffic Stop
6/22/201812:25 PM2018-000263401004 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
6/22/201812:24 PM2018-000263391024 ASHLAND RD Contact Subject
6/22/201812:23 PM2018-00026338900 E STADIUM BLVD Lot Check
6/22/201812:19 PM2018-00026337650 E STADIUM BLVD Lot Check
6/22/201812:17 PM2018-00026336916 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
6/22/201812:15 PM2018-000263351009 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
6/22/201812:14 PM2018-000263341011 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
6/22/201812:07 PM2018-00026333299 S 8TH ST Check Area

University of Missouri - Columbia Police Department
901 Virginia Avenue, Columbia MO 65211
(573) 882-7201