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Call Date Call Time Incident # Address Incident
9/23/20177:59 AM2017-000409741306 ROLLINS ST Check Area
9/23/20177:58 AM2017-000409761000 ELM ST Lot Check
9/23/20177:57 AM1000 ELM ST Lot Check
9/23/20177:56 AM2017-00040973614 HITT ST Lot Check
9/23/20177:55 AM2017-000409721002 E CAMPUS DR Lot Check
9/23/20177:54 AM2017-000409711512 ROLLINS ST Lot Check
9/23/20177:52 AM2017-000409701612 ROLLINS ST Lot Check
9/23/20177:51 AM2017-000409691501 ROLLINS ST Lot Check
9/23/20176:10 AM2017-000409681100 S PROVIDENCE RD Special Assignment
9/23/20175:40 AM2017-00040967916 E STADIUM BLVD Check Area
9/23/20175:37 AM2017-00040966505 HITT ST 911 hangup call
9/23/20174:22 AM2017-00040965GATEWAY HALL Medical Emegency
9/23/20173:23 AM2017-00040964HOLLYWOOD Foot Patrol
9/23/20172:50 AM2017-00040963512 CONLEY AVE Lot Check
9/23/20172:39 AM2017-000409621104 S PROVIDENCE RD Lot Check
9/23/20172:36 AM2017-00040961408 HITT ST Lot Check
9/23/20172:35 AM2017-00040960CORE VALUES Foot Patrol
9/23/20172:27 AM2017-000409591115 UNIVERSITY AVE Lot Check
9/23/20172:07 AM2017-00040958LOCUST ST Traffic Stop
9/23/20172:03 AM2017-000409571000 ELM ST Lot Check
9/23/20171:35 AM2017-00040955904 ASHLAND RD Lot Check
9/23/20171:21 AM2017-000409541026 ASHLAND RD Lot Check
9/23/20171:17 AM2017-00040953800 ELM ST Foot Patrol
9/23/20171:10 AM2017-00040952LOCUST ST Traffic Stop
9/23/20171:03 AM2017-00040951S 5TH ST Traffic Stop
9/23/201712:57 AM2017-00040950900 VIRGINIA AVE emergency phone-no response from caller
9/23/201712:52 AM2017-00040948601 TURNER AVE Traffic Stop
9/23/201712:51 AM2017-00040949520 S 9TH ST Check Subject
9/23/201712:49 AM2017-00040947E STADIUM BLVD Traffic Stop
9/23/201712:49 AM2017-00040946601 TURNER AVE Lot Check

University of Missouri - Columbia Police Department
901 Virginia Avenue, Columbia MO 65211
(573) 882-7201