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Call Date Call Time Incident # Address Incident
3/22/20189:50 AM2018-00011814STUDENT CENTER SUBSTATION Community Oriented Policing
3/22/20189:50 AM2018-00011815E STADIUM BLVD Check Subject
3/22/20189:45 AM2018-000118131612 ROLLINS ST Lot Check
3/22/20189:42 AM2018-000118121501 ROLLINS ST Lot Check
3/22/20189:41 AM2018-000118111402 ROLLINS ST Lot Check
3/22/20189:39 AM2018-00011810800 E CAMPUS DR Lot Check
3/22/20189:11 AM2018-00011809KENT/TIGER AVE Assault
3/22/20189:09 AM2018-00011808900 E CAMPUS DR Crosswalk Enforcement
3/22/20189:07 AM2018-00011807800 ELM ST Vandalism
3/22/20188:43 AM2018-00011806University Crosswalk Enforcement
3/22/20188:40 AM2018-00011804general services building Crosswalk Enforcement
3/22/20188:40 AM2018-00011803H Crosswalk Enforcement
3/22/20188:38 AM2018-00011831ASHLAND RD Larceny-theft report
3/22/20188:20 AM2018-00011802610 ELM ST Foot Patrol
3/22/20188:15 AM2018-000118011 HOSPITAL DR Follow up investigation
3/22/20188:14 AM2018-00011800502 KENTUCKY BLVD Foot Patrol
3/22/20188:13 AM2018-00011799EAST END ROLLINS Special Assignment
3/22/20188:09 AM2018-00011798703 HITT ST Lot Check
3/22/20188:07 AM2018-00011797504 S 9TH ST Lot Check
3/22/20188:04 AM2018-00011796299 S 8TH ST Check Area
3/22/20188:00 AM2018-000117951100 VIRGINIA AVE 911 hangup call
3/22/20187:44 AM2018-00011794900 E STADIUM BLVD Hold Up Alarm
3/22/20186:30 AM2018-00011793601 S PROVIDENCE RD Check Area
3/22/20186:25 AM2018-00011792916 E STADIUM BLVD Check Area
3/22/20186:19 AM2018-000117911009 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
3/22/20186:09 AM2018-00011790TIGER AVE Monitoring Traffic
3/22/20186:08 AM2018-00011789408 S 6TH ST Foot Patrol
3/22/20186:04 AM2018-00011788504 S 9TH ST Lot Check
3/22/20186:02 AM2018-00011787505 S 9TH ST Lot Check
3/22/20185:59 AM2018-00011786650 E STADIUM BLVD Lot Check

University of Missouri - Columbia Police Department
901 Virginia Avenue, Columbia MO 65211
(573) 882-7201