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Call Date Call Time Incident # Address Incident
3/22/201712:22 PM2017-00011628Motor vehicle accident
3/22/201712:16 PM2017-00011626512 CONLEY AVE Motor vehicle accident
3/22/201712:15 PM2017-00011625HITT Monitoring Traffic
3/22/201712:14 PM2017-000116271115 UNIVERSITY AVE Motor vehicle accident
3/22/201712:13 PM2017-00011624tiger Monitoring Traffic
3/22/201712:10 PM2017-00011623918 MARYLAND AVE Check Area
3/22/201712:09 PM2017-000116221106 S PROVIDENCE RD Lot Check
3/22/201712:08 PM2017-000116212003 S PROVIDENCE RD Check Area
3/22/201712:08 PM2017-00011620Check Area
3/22/201712:07 PM2017-000116191500 RESEARCH PARK DR Lot Check
3/22/201712:07 PM2017-00011618Lot Check
3/22/201712:06 PM2017-00011617Lot Check
3/22/201712:06 PM2017-00011616Lot Check
3/22/201712:04 PM2017-00011615Lot Check
3/22/201711:53 AM2017-00011614CHAMPIONS Monitoring Traffic
3/22/201711:52 AM2017-00011613Lot Check
3/22/201711:51 AM2017-000116121104 S PROVIDENCE RD Lot Check
3/22/201711:49 AM2017-00011611HITT/ROLLINS Traffic Stop
3/22/201711:47 AM2017-000116101004 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
3/22/201711:32 AM2017-00011609UNIVERSITY AVE Traffic Stop
3/22/201711:30 AM2017-000116081004 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
3/22/201711:04 AM2017-00011607hitt and memorial union Monitoring Traffic
3/22/201711:03 AM2017-000116061004 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
3/22/201710:56 AM2017-000116051011 MARYLAND AVE Lot Check
3/22/201710:55 AM2017-00011604701 S 5TH ST Check Area
3/22/201710:54 AM2017-00011603500 TURNER AVE Lot Check
3/22/201710:49 AM2017-00011602601 TURNER AVE Lot Check
3/22/201710:48 AM2017-00011601MU ORTHOPAEDIC Medical Emegency
3/22/201710:46 AM2017-00011600901 S COLLEGE AVE Lot Check
3/22/201710:45 AM2017-000115981250 HOSPITAL DR Lot Check

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